Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preschooler, I'm amazed at the way you....

Act like you don't know squat about how to write your letters and show absolutely no interest in having me show you your letters, and then when someone gives you a Batman marker at the preschool Valentine's Day Party you sit down and do this all by yourself at the kitchen table:

A "G" and an "R" (which you then put eyes, noses and mouths in)

An "A" and an "H"

An "M," an "E" and an "S" 

A "5"and an upside down "T"

Just like most everything, a child will do it when he or she is ready.

And when mommy is not expecting it.

1 comment:

Keri said...

Too cute! Early writing is the most fun, especially those first attempts that are unexpected! It nearly took my breath away each time my children wrote their first letters. I don't know why, but it was just so exciting to me.

I'm glad you're excited about G hitting this milestone too. Shows you're a nerdly mom just like me.