Friday, February 3, 2012


Midwest Mom inspired me to jot down some of the funny things my preschooler has said lately.

1. "I have a wicked big poop."  Said one evening when he soiled his drawers.  Thanks to Kevin Hawkes' book, The Wicked Big Toddlah, for giving G the inspiration to use such wonderful terminology for his feces.

2. "Mommy, I have a frog in my nose." Said one morning when he woke up especially stuffy (following a day when I was hoarse due to congestion).

3. "Mommy, I'm gonna stick this up your butt."  Said this morning when he was trying to stick a note in my jean pocket.

4. "My eye is leaky." Said this morning when trying to get early morning eye-goo off.

5. "Today is sunny.  It is also moony."  Said when he noticed both the sun and moon in the sky one afternoon.  

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Kelsey said...

The toddler book sounds like something my kids would like...

I LOVE the funny things kids say.