Thursday, February 16, 2012

I don't have to do it all

N's elementary school is having their winter festival this weekend.  For weeks we've been getting information about volunteering to work at the festival, sending in goodies for the cake walks, donating 2-liters for the ring toss game, donating items for the class gift baskets.  The festival is a ton of work, and I am forever amazed at the time and energy the festival chair and her helpers give for its success.

I worked the first year N attended school there, when M was a baby, mostly because he was immobile and therefore much less work for D and the grandparents (who have always gone to the festival with us).  Last year and this year, I've donated items.

This go round I donated a game from my gift box stash (N's class has a "Game Night" basket to be auctioned off).  Today I am making 2 cakes for the cake walks.  I already sent in two 2-liter bottles of soda.

Yesterday, a red URGENT sheet was sent home saying more items are needed for the class auction baskets.  Every class and their respective basket themes were listed.  So I called the class mom to see if our class basket really needs something since the sheet was so urgently general.

She said she didn't know, and that I should check with the teacher.

Now having been a teacher, I know that Mrs. B. has far more important  things to do than rummage through donations to see just how floofed out the class auction basket will be.  I am not going to bother her with this.

So I debated whether to go to Target and purchase something else, or whether to sort through my gift box to see if I could find another game to donate.

And I decided to do neither.

Because I already donated.
Because I am not the only parent with children in that class (or in that school).
Because I couldn't get an answer on whether or not something was actually truly needed for N's class basket.

While I think all of these are valid reasons to not go above & beyond, I still feel a little guilty.

Which is stupid.

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Keri said...

It's hard to see an urgent appeal like that and NOT feel guilty, even when you've already done more than your share of participation. But stand strong, girl. You've done enough. And I have no doubt that there are slacker parents at the school who could very well donate but who just haven't bothered to do so. Give them a chance to feel the guilt and take some action.