Thursday, February 9, 2012


M is talking more and more.  Stringing 3 words together now.  Still not a great conversationalist but well on his way.

His new thing is to pick his own clothes.  When I say, "C'mon, let's get dressed," he will often reply, "Peck."  He makes a beeline for his pajama drawer and selects a pajama set for the day. So I change him out of one pajama set and into another. Whatev.  N was the queen of mismatch, and G often wears his Optimus Prime costume out and about so M wearing pjs is no big thing.

D started calling him Hugh Hefner, which I think is funny for a couple reasons.  First, I actually wanted to name M Hugh.  Secondly, given M's penchant for penis playing (which seems to have run its course for the time being), I think it is apropos that he would now be channeling a porn publisher.  G asked me who Hugh Hefner was, and I told him he is a magazine publisher who is as old as Papaw Chester and runs around in his pajamas all day long.  If I can find a size 3T silk robe for cheap, I am so buying it.  We're taking this to the next level, baby.  


Kelsey said...

If we're home for the day and Michael has an accident, he totally wants to put his pajamas on!

I love that you are so good at letting your children make their own choices - I try to, but I'm not as good as you.

Keri said...

I wish I could be as laid-back about my kids' clothes as you are. I have figured out that about 80% of the reason I had kids was so that I could dress them every day, picking up where I left off with my childhood passion of dressing, undressing and re-dressing my baby dolls and paper dolls.