Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is there a Greek god of money?

Because if there is, he totally hates me.

I know this because mid-week I got an estimate from a painter to paint the main floor of our house, as well as the stairwell and upstairs hallway.  It was a very, very reasonable estimate so I said, "Let's do it!" and gave him a down-payment of a third of the total cost.

Thursday afternoon the lazy susan cabinet door hinge in the kitchen broke.  Fortunately, I had a brand new one (from when our other lazy susan cabinet door hinge bit it and I bought a pack of two which have to be special ordered and cost $42), so D was able to fix it Friday morning.

Thursday night, I noticed that the ceiling in our master bath above the toilet was wet.  It is never, ever good to have a wet ceiling.  Leaky roof.  I was able to get a roofer out Friday morning to fix it.  I'm waiting for the bill but I'm thinking in the neighborhood of $350-$500.

This morning, on my way out of the neighborhood, I realized I had a flat tire.  We had to have it towed.  Goodbye $82.  Once we got it to the tire place, we said good-bye to an additional $550 due to both of my front tires being flat and/or completely bald even though I get the fuckers rotated every 5,000 miles, the car needing an alignment, AND a new tire sensor.

I'm thankful we have the money saved to pay for this junk, but it sucks nonetheless to have all these unexpected repairs.  Time travel would be swell in times like this because I'd go back and tell the painter we'd set a date for April....when I've had time to recover a little bit from all these unplanned account drainers.  

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Shelby said...

I sympathize Carrie. We have had umpteen things break around here as well. Our garage door opener seems to have bit the dust, which stinks since we just replaced it a little over a year ago. When I went to the grocery store on Saturday, I had to turn around because the van started making awful noises and the check engine light came on. On top off those things, we got a bill from Noah's stint at the ER on New Year's Day and it's a little over $1500! I just want to curl up and cry. Carlos has been working on the van all day trying to find the problem and repair it and has had no luck. Of course, it happens when I have a week full of stuff to go and do outside the may be a stay at home/miss preschool kind of week. :( Anyway, I wish I had some words of encouragement for you but we are in the same boat. :(