Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Bobo Brothers

For Christmas, M received a bunch of Diego books.  Anyone who has read a Diego book knows that the Bobo Brothers often make an appearance.

The Bobo Brothers are monkeys that are always, always creating mischief of some sort such as bouncing on a half-broken branch on which a sloth is clinging in a windstorm.  They are merry and laughing and generally unaware that they are complete simian hellions.

As my boys get bigger, they are increasingly Bobo-like.

For the past two days, it has been nice enough after lunch for the three of us to go outside and play in the yard.  G and M have played in the sandbox, chased bubbles, pushed or rode their bikes down the driveway at breakneck speed, run around the arborvitae and swung on the swings.  Even though this freakishly warm weather for January makes me worry about the pending doom of global warming, hearing my boys' peals of laughter and camaraderie does my fretful heart good.  As exhausting as they are because they never.ever.stop.moving, I delight in their roughness in the great outside.

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Keri said...

M is so big!!

I often wonder what Jonah would be like if he had a male partner-in-crime in our family. He's not wild and crazy like "other boys," and I'll never know whether that's just his personality or because he's following after two girls.

If it makes you feel any better re:global warming, don't forget that we had freakishly cold weather the first week in September. :-)