Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When he's cute, he's really very cute

G woke up in a good mood today and has been pretty delightful, which must be the gods' way of helping me cope with the fact that 87% of the time he would not be described as delightful.

He was pestering his sister this morning, poking his pointer fingers into her rear-end and saying, "I danged her in the butt."  (Butt in his lingo is a 2-syllable word.)

At M's playgroup he did not harass any of the younger kids.  At Target, he did not throw a tantrum.  At the pet store he noted that all the parakeets in their glass bin were having playgroup.  And he giggled for a solid 5 minutes when he saw a bubble-eye goldfish.

Of course, he is refusing to take a nap which means tomorrow morning he will be back to turd-like behavior and driving me ever closer to Insanity.

But for now, I will relish this morning's cuteness.  

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Kelsey said...

I wish there was a more effective way for me to bank the good moments with the kids and somehow trade them in for patience during the less-than-easy ones!