Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here's the problem with saving money

Whenever D and I go to purchase something I always have to give the salesperson the "we don't do financing" song & dance.  If we don't have the money to get it, it don't get got.

We recently signed the contract to have the roof built over our deck, which means that when a CD comes due in June, we will use that money to pay for the roof rather than rolling it back over into a 4-year CD.  No debt is good.

But here is the bad thing about doing this.  It hurts.  Alot.  To take that much money that one actually has and spend it.  Even if it is on something that we will get great value and benefit from, that will add value to our home, that will help prevent us from having water damage to our kitchen door and kitchen floor.

I actually had a dream that we signed the contract and then a storm came along and all the drywall in our house shrunk, exposing steel beams, which meant we were gonna have to have all the drywall in our entire house replaced.  In the dream I was freaking out over "How are we gonna pay for this?" since we'd already committed ourselves to spending a considerable chunk on the deck roof.

D doesn't worry about the money part; he worries about the deck being built well and looking nice.  And I worry about that a little.  But mostly I worry about spending money that has been doing a fine job just sitting around earning a little interest but mostly making me feel secure and safe.  Because that great catastrophic whatever that hasn't happened in 7+ years since I quit working but may happen at any moment is at the back of my mind.

So I am already on a tear thinking of new and improved savings goals.  Not because there is something else I want to do or purchase, but to lessen the anxiety associated with spending money that we've saved.  


Kelsey said...

Even if it is painful to do it that way you guys are teaching great lessons to your kids about money management.

Keri said...

When I read your posts like this, I want to just hug you, then wave a magic wand to make your money anxiety go away! It truly makes me sad that you can't enjoy a lovely addition to your house, but I know that if it was in your power to change your way of thinking, you would. Right?