Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Plans" for the summer

I think part of the reason I'm not freaking out about this summer with all 3 kids underfoot is because June is a wash.  With 10 days out of town and N's tonsillectomy at the end of the month, it is just gonna be too weird to even attempt anything normal and scheduled.  We're just gonna roll with it, baby.

Once N recovers from her surgery, I am going to institute some "homeschool" type work for both her and G, who will start preschool in September.

Here are my tentative plans for N:

1. Have N count the money in her bank and roll all coins.
2. Practice cursive (we started earlier this year and then fell off).
3. Practice telling time.
4. Workbooks (Geography, Grade 1 Addition, 1st Grade Math, Grade 1 Subtraction, Rhyme Time Grade 1-3).  I've also got some unfinished workbook pages from last year's workbooks that I have put in a binder.
5. Our local library's summer reading program (read 10 books; these will be longer picture books).
6. N and I are going to take turns reading chapters out of 3 chapter books she started and never finished this school year:  Judy Moody Was in a Mood, Ivy + Bean and Now You See Me.

I have decided that to earn computer time N can do workbook pages (1 page = 5 minutes; up to 5 pages per day) and read (1 chapter = 10 minutes; up to 3 chapters per day).

For G, I have a Preschool Scholar workbook and a Colors & Shapes workbook.  With him I've just been reinforcing number recognition from 1-10, alphabet letters and sounds, and having him attempt to hold a pencil correctly.  His speech therapist will be giving me his summer work tomorrow (his last day of speech until late August), so we will also have this to keep us occupied.  

And then there will be weekly visits to Nana and Pa's house to swim in their neighborhood pool.

In early August, N will be participating in an Engineering Camp at her school for 4 days, which I think she will enjoy.

I might even be a little sad when school starts back up.  Summer feels like it is slipping away and it hasn't even begun.  


Keri said...

It sounds like you do have your summer planned out nicely! I've always heard about how much progress kids lose over summer break, so you're smart to keep N working (once she's back on her feet, of course).

Kelsey said...

I hope to accomplish similar things this summer... Harper got Ivy + Bean in her Easter basket and really enjoyed it - another thing for them to discuss in their letters. :-) We sent one on the way to N today.