Monday, May 16, 2011

The boys' visit to the ENT

I really missed Dr. B in the week since I last saw him when I set up N's tonsillectomy last Monday. Today was the boys' 6-month ear-tube/ear-hole check.

I went in fully expecting Dr. B to say he wanted to fix G's eardrums, but fortunately the left one was completely healed up.  The right one still has some kind of weird wax or something blocking the tiny little hole, but Dr. B said he is completely fine with just watchful waiting.  Which is great because I really don't want to pay for 2 surgeries this year if I don't absolutely have to.

M's ears look perfect; tubes still in place.

The issue of sleep apnea was discussed.  At a previous visit I had asked Dr. B if he would remove G's adenoids if/when his eardrums were repaired, and Dr. B said yes.  So given N's situation with her tonsils, I asked Dr. B if he would also remove G's tonsils when/if the eardrums were repaired and adenoids removed.  I want to avoid more surgeries for G down the line so if he has to have a surgery to repair his eardrum, I'd just prefer they take out the adenoids/tonsils, which have caused me and the first 2 of my offspring a load of trouble.

During our discussion, Dr. B said something about strep or apnea, and so I told him that D thinks G has apnea.

Whenever G has slept in our bed, he does snore loudly and makes gasping-type noises.  But he was sleeping on our pillows, which are hard and tall (Tempur-pedic).  The last time G slept with me when D slept downstairs for a code move, I put G on his own pillow to sleep, and he didn't honk and snort at all. G is a mouth-breather and his tonsils are large; Dr. B said they take up 50-75% of his throat.  So he might very well have sleep issues, but we're gonna start by giving him an antihistamine and Singulair every day to see if those help.  Lord knows he has allergies....just never tested.

We briefly discussed a sleeps study to definitely rule in or out sleep apnea, but I'm not sure I want to deal with all this.  Especially if he only has a mild case, in which we would have gone through a lot of rigamarole for nothing.....or for them to say, "Take Singulair and an antihistamine."

My plate is so stinking full right now with my high school reunion a little over 3 weeks away, our Florida trip after that, and N's tonsillectomy shortly after that.  The idea of taking on one.more.thing to put on my mind's "to do list" or even "back burner list" could possibly do me in.  

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