Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm glad I'm not the only one

I'm glad I'm not the only mom going through a funk.  Midwest Mom and MO Mommy are both in states of emotional disarray, of sorts.

In the past month, I've booked a vacation to DisneyWorld.  This week I've hired a carpet cleaning company to clean every staple of carpet and tile in my house to the tune of $600+ as a means of refreshing the house.  I have begun a list of outdoor things that need to be accomplished as soon as the weather is consistently cooperative.

Even though I don't feel particularly out of sorts, I am apparently in need of change, of a stirring things up. The monotony of winter, of gray, of cold has gotten to me.

I have even been thinking about growing my hair out again.  And buying myself some Old Navy new shirts for the warmer months.
And purchasing some sandals.

You know something is amiss with me when I am daydreaming about shopping and for goddamn sandals, at that.  

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Kelsey said...

Ah yes, misery loves company! Hope the sandal shopping/carpet cleaning/outdoor list making have been therapeutic.