Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Justin Bieber (and other wonderful writings)

Dear Justin Bieber,
I've got a poster of you, a notebook, a folder, a catalog of you.  One time I wanted to paint a picture of you it didn't workout!  I love the song Never Say Never.  I love you!  I know that your dating Selena Gomez!  Your and Selena Gomezs songs are the best!!!

Love, your fan N
I am seven years old

P.S. Your cute and I never saw your movie.  :(


A New Monkey Friend

Once there was a monkey named Caroline.  She didn't have any friends.  One day she went to the park.  She went on the monkey bars first then she went on the swings next.  Then another monkey came  His name was Nathan.  Nathan was an African monkey.  Caroline was a zoo monkey.  Nathan looked differinter than Caroline.  Caroline looked pretty to Nathan.  Nathan said "Will you play with me?"  Caroline said "Sure"!  "Great"!  Nathan said.  So they played happily ever after.  The end.  

I saw that a local magazine was having a contest for young writers, ages 6-10.  The topic was to write about their super hero....someone from their real life.  N wrote the entire thing, and I very gently helped her edit it.  

I admire my friend Maya.  She is funny and huggable.  She play’s games with me like card games in the gym in the morning.  At lunch she shares cheese balls, cheese sticks, brownies, and all kinds of deserts but not cake.  She is my number one friend.  I’m her BFF.  I love her.  She is nice and kind.  She gave me a  pencil when there where no more pencils in the out box.  I had asked all the people at my table for one but they didn’t have any.  She wears pretty clothes.  And she is my super hero.



Giselle said...

So sweet. And yet...I think I'm not really ready or qualified to have a girl. She seems so much more mature than Andrew. And more observant. ;)

Kelsey said...

I LOVE kids' writing. I think getting good details is one of the most difficult things to get from young writers - good job N!