Sunday, March 13, 2011


I don't think I'm a particularly naggy wife.  
A nagging mother.....ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY.  With kids, you have to repeat yourself 10 gazillion-trillion times before they finally get it through their thick skulls.
But apparently, I am a naggy wife.

My husband's work does a wellness check every six months as part of our health care....checking glucose levels, cholesterol, waist measurement, blood pressure.  D has had high triglycerides for years, even before his company started this program.  This last go-round, though, his good cholesterol is too low, so I told him he needs to see the doctor so he knows whether he should begin medication.

Now there are two reasons for me saying this to my husband.

The first and least important reason is because his company gives cash incentives to employees for keeping their health steady or improving it from one assessment to another.  And by cash incentive, in the past it has been up to $250 per person twice a year  So together, D and I could basically earn up to $1000 a year just by maintaining our health.  And if your assessment shows a new issue, but you speak to the clinic doctor and deal with it, you may still be able to qualify for the incentive.  As we are going to Disney in June, I sure as shit am not going to sniff at an extra $500.

BUT the second and MOST important reason I want him to see the doctor is because he has had high triglycerides for a number of years, now has a new issue, and his dad who also had high triglycerides died at age 58 of a major heart attack.  His dad died entirely too young.  He didn't get to see N's first birthday.  He never met our two boys.  He hasn't been able to experience all this great stuff that has been our lives for the last six years.

Apparently, asking once a week for the past month is nagging.
Apparently, it takes hours upon hours to make a phone call or walk downstairs to make an appointment at the clinic in person.
Apparently, my children are not the only thick-headed people in this house.

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Kelsey said...

Agh! I don't think you've been nagging, but that is a total naggable situation... Hope you get it worked out soon.