Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some things I'm nerding out over

I recently started keeping track of our money habits on  Eons ago we kept everything on Quicken, but for reasons I no longer remember we stopped.  But now I am back in the saddle of keeping track of the minutiae of our financial lives.  And it is at once thrilling and nerve-racking.....kinda like parenthood.  

As I've mentioned, I really like to save money and make a point to set aside certain amounts in certain accounts every pay period.  But I'm finding that I do spend more than I think I do on things for the house.  

Mind you, for the most part this is relatively inexpensive stuff, like new dish cloths since the other ones are getting holes in them and moving into the rag-bin.  And I purchased some new hand towels for the kids' bathroom because I was constantly having to do wash to launder 4 hand towels.  But these little incidentals do add up. 

And it seems like we have been a cycle over the past few months of having rather large VISA bills.  Like for having little problems fixed in the bathrooms which cost upwards of $450.  And we took a small 2-night vacation to Holiday World with the kids in June, which came to about $550.  

So I'm looking forward to when we have a couple months of not having any major expenses (assuming this happens).  And I'll get my jollies when I can see the pie charts showing exactly how much I spend every month on groceries, household supplies, clothing, books, restaurants, and so on.  

As if this isn't pathetic enough, I found an awesome magazine at the grocery store today and bought it, which for me is a luxury.  It is called Storage and is a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication.  It is all about organization, de-cluttering, storage products.  As I said on Facebook, this is my kind of porn.  

I am forever looking for better, more efficient ways to organize the house, which drives D crazy because as soon as he gets used to something being in one spot, I move it.  

I'm feeling the pull of the magazine, urging me to come upstairs, take a quick shower and hop into bed with it.  

G'night ya'll.  

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Keri said...

Congrats on your magazine purchase! ;-) So are the ideas in there affordable, or does it all require purchases of expensive equipment?