Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm supposed to save the world

I have an ongoing argument inside my head about being environmentally responsible.  It goes like this:

Carrie: "I think I'll run to Target."
Brain: "But it's a waste to spew emissions just to go to Target.  Can't it wait?"
Carrie: "Well, yes, it can wait, but there are a few things I need.  And I want to get out for a bit."
Brain: "Couldn't you go tomorrow and lump a bunch of errands into one run?  And stay home today?"
Carrie: "Yes, I could, but if I stay home all day then by 1:00, I'm nuts.  And I will get frustrated keeping the boys from killing each other.  And if I lump a bunch of runs together then I spend most of my time lugging the boys in and out of car seats.  It will be a quick run."
Brain:  "But even a quick run means the car will be running.  And it's not absolutely necessary."
Carrie: "Why do I have to forego my run to Target when the majority of people do not forego ANYTHING in order to limit their carbon emissions?"

Now this particular conversation is about getting in the car and going somewhere.  But I have this conversation about using disposable diapers.  About using disposable napkins instead of cloth.  About leaving appliances plugged in when they are not being used (like the coffee pot).

I don't know when my Brain decided that I, Carrie, am supposed to do everything in order to save the planet.  But I get plenty tired of having to tell that bee-atch that there are millions of other Americans that need to shake a leg and get on it as well.

I'm doing what I can.
And I have to balance Mother Earth's needs with Mother Carrie's needs for mental health.


Anonymous said...

It may be time to increase your medication.

Keri said...

At any rate, if it's any consolation to you, I can assure you that you do about 150% more than I do to save the world. I'm embarassingly wasteful, but it is something that I'm aware of, and I try to take baby steps towards more responsible behavior.

Hopefully as time goes on, you'll find the right balance in your attitude towards your environmental duties...