Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moments of misery (or I'm mad AGAIN)

So yesterday I was mad and realized I was ridiculous (a little).
Today I was even more mad, so mad that it felt like the stress and anger fizzled out all the good stuff my antidepressant does in my brain.  I felt like old Carrie, and that is not a good place to be.  Obsessive to the nth degree Carrie.

I received a bill in the mail from the surgeon who assisted with my c-section on Oct 7, 2009.  This is the FIRST and ONLY bill I have received from this guy.  Saying I owe $750.  What the fuck?  The baby he helped deliver is "this" close to a year old.

So I called the doctor's billing office to see why it hadn't been filed with insurance and explain that, perhaps because it had taken them so effin' long to file it, insurance wouldn't pay.

To make a very long and unpleasant afternoon in my life short, I was on the phone with 2 different insurance companies and the doctor's billing supervisor 3 times within a 2-hour time span.  The doctor has until Oct 7 to get the claim into our current insurance.  And if he doesn't do that, then, technically, he can hold me responsible for the full $750.

EVEN THOUGH IT IS HIS OFFICE'S STUPID FAULT THAT THEY WAITED UNTIL 11 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE TO FILE IT.  (Ok, technically, it was submitted earlier in the year but then the doctor switched billing service companies and then the claim was resubmitted in July.  But since JULY it has been floating out in billing space.  And no one EVER THOUGHT TO SEND ME A FUCKING BILL so that I'd know what is going on.)

Lord knows, I would have been "on it" had I known about it.  I'm sorry that I didn't jot down every doctor and nurse's name in the operating room while my lower body was numb, and I was yakking up the stuff they gave me to "settle my stomach" before they sliced into me.  Oh, yeah and feeling the 8 lb, 4 oz baby kicking at my womb to be let the hell out.

Dammit, I had other things on my mind at that moment in time.

And so, I am sending a politely worded complaint letter (along with a copy of my current insurance card) to the billing supervisor.  As well as a politely worded complaint letter to the office manager.

And you better believe I will fight those fuckers over that $750 if it comes to it.

But dang, I would seriously like for the bitch in me to be able to settle down for like a full 48 hours before I have to go full throttle again.

Hear that universe?????

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