Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not looking promising

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I was kinda underwhelmed by it due in large part to having scheduled a dental appointment, the purpose of which is to fill 2 cavities.  My only 2 cavities ever, mind you, that waited nearly 40 years before rearing their ugly heads.  I'm blaming pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones surging through my body nonstop since Jan 2007 and the fact that caring for 3 kids these past 11 months might have rendered me a  less than stellar brusher.

Being a cavity virgin was a crown I proudly wore to every dental appointment.
And now my reign has ended.

Add to this that yesterday I took the baby to urgent care since he'd been running a fever on and off since Wednesday.  With tomorrow being dental appointment day I knew I'd have to wait until Tuesday at the earliest to get him into the clinic.  Ear infection numero 5.  Since December 26th.  Will be scheduling tubes this fall.

And now my 6-year-old is running a 101 fever and has that nasally voice and ginormous tonsils that signal "strep throat."  Which may mean that I'll be scheduling a tonsillectomy this fall as well.

As my friend G likes to say, "Le sigh."

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The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Ah, sadness! But, I hope there were some moments of celebration in there nonetheless. I'm glad you were born and are out there. Happy birthday!