Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ask me what I DIDN'T do today.....

The "problem" with being a SAHM is that it often doesn't look like I did ANYTHING.  Toys are still strewn all over creation.  Dishes are sitting in the sink.  I may not have put on deodorant.

So here's what I really did.

* Got up (Given that M is waking up like every 2-3 hours with what I suspect is teething discomfort,  getting up ranks as quite the feat.)

* Made the bed.

* Did N's hair.

* Changed 2 diapers and dressed 2 boys.

* Made pot of coffee.

* Took N to the bus stop with both boys in tow.

* Fed the baby.  (Oh, and I ate too.)

* Refilled all sink containers with liquid soap.

* Ran the dishwasher.

* Put all 3 kids' clean clothes away.

* Folded D's clothes and put in basket.

* Did another load of D's laundry.

* Called audiologist about bill.

* Called Babies R Us to find out where the FUCK the bedrails are that we ordered in June and were supposed to have a rush on them.  

* Deposited check in bank.

* Stopped at fabric store to get ribbon and thread.

* Stopped at school supply store in search of Girl Scout troop numbers for N's tunic.

* Dropped off book/clothes are friend's house.

* Went to Girl Scout store to purchase troop numbers.

* Stopped at Papaw's house for lunch & to visit.

* Put M to bed.

* Read 4 books to G and got him down for nap.

* Washed car, outside and most of inside.  No vacuuming.

* Picked up produce from neighbor (my share of a co-op food).

* Picked up N from school.

* Took kids to park to play.

* Gave all 3 kids a bath.

This concludes what I did from 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. today.


Jen Serra Shean said...

I hear ya! Just having the dishwasher unloaded seems like the biggest feet most days. And just functioning at ANY level after just one night of interrupted "sleep" is a major event, let alone months on end.

Swistle said...

YES. Dude. I get so frustrated when I am going like BILLY-O all day long, and then Paul comes home and the house is a mess and it looks like I sat around watching TV or something.

Shelby said...

Well, that sounds like a pretty busy day to me. I get tired just reading that! :) Most days my house looks like a bomb went off when hubby walks in the door.

Keri said...

Amazing, when you write it down, how much you really accomplished! You should get an award for a day like that, even if the untrained eye couldn't look at the "before" and "after" of your day and see any difference.