Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More from the peanut gallery

I have no video for this.  And probably the only reason this is funny is because I am his mother and find much of what he does simply adorable, but G loves to sing in the car.  He sings Backyardigan songs, Hannah Montana songs, Wiggles songs, and, my favorite, the Ting Tings' song, "That's Not My Name."  But G only sings the last words of the lyrics, so we hear from the back of the car.....

......"Say Now".........."Same"......."Oh no".........."Name"........"Girl"........."Stacey"........"Her"........"Jane"

We went to the zoo this weekend, and while watching the elephant demonstration the Asian elephant took a dump right in front of where we were standing.  When we returned home, I was rocking G before putting him into bed.  I asked him if he had a good time at the zoo and if he was pooped.  He lifted his head from my shoulder and said, "The elephant pooped."

G is forever asking me "Why?" which means he hears me say "Because....." alot.  And so he is working on also explaining things using the word because.  But his explanations are completely nonsensical most of the much so that when I try to think of one I can't even make one absurd enough.  So I am trying to jot down his explanations.  The only one I've remembered to write down is when he said, "I've got fingers because I want to pop bubbles."

While G at the moment is the linguistics star of the house, N and M are doing their own respective stellar developmental activities.

Without further ado.....I announce that...

N has learned to tie her shoes!  Hurrah!!

M has learned to wave Bye Bye.


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Kelsey said...

The elephant pooped - ha!

LOVE the shoe tying thing. That is a remarkably difficult task to teach a child. Harper's dexterity isn't quite there yet. Too bad eight foot shoelaces would be so dangerous, they'd be easier for her to handle.