Monday, June 27, 2011

See ya later, adenoids. After while, tonsils.

N had her adenoids and tonsils removed this morning.  What set her into a bit of a crying spell as the nurse prepped her and us?  Having to take her earrings out prior to surgery.  Fortunately, rather than watching N lose her mind in pre-op, they decided to take them out once she was unconscious in the OR.    Smart move.  Who knew a benefit of tonsillectomy would be getting out the earrings that N refused to allow anyone to remove since she was so scared it would hurt?

Boy, she was funny once she had a little Versed in her.  She was taking her lunch-lady hair net, pulling it over her face and then waving her hands all over to try and figure out how to get out of the "web."  At one point she asked me, "Is this the mall?"

Post-op she wept a little but was mostly sleepy and quiet.  No flailing of limbs.  No screaming or screeching.

Once she was home, she slept most of the morning and then took a late afternoon nap.  N is not a huge fan of sweets, so by the evening I think she was a little tired of jello and pudding and sherbet.  When I suggested scrambled eggs, she about jumped off the sick bed (the pull-out sofa) with excitement.  She is stoked at the possibility of eating overcooked egg noodles in butter for lunch tomorrow.

I will be giving her the pain meds during the night for a few days, every four hours. While I am not looking forward to waking up twice a night via alarm clock,  if it means she is in good spirits and mostly pain free during the day I am happy to do it.  

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