Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hollywood Studios = EPIC FAIL (and more of G's Disney experience)

In my mind, this trip was G's adventure....geared for him and his interests.  N had her shot in 2007 when she was 3 years old, seeing every princess and princess-related show the four Disney World parks had to offer.  And G's interest for the past 2 years has been Cars so the main things to see on this trip were Lightning McQueen and Mater.

I packed G every single solitary Lightning McQueen/Cars t-shirt he owns, which is ALOT.

I bought him two of the newest Cars 2 cars....Finn McMissile and Francesco small gifts for our non-Disney days.

And since about, oh I don't know, January, I'd been doing research on anything Cars, specifically, and Pixar, generally, for G to see that I knew he would like at Walt Disney World.  On the site, mind you, which is supposed to have up-to-date info.

So I about levitated with ANGER and DISAPPOINTMENT when we learned that Luigi's Garage was gone and McQueen and Mater were being refurbished.  WTF Walt Disney World????  It is like a week and a half before the new Cars movie comes out and you are just NOW redoing things?
Are you fucking kidding me??????????

If I was this out of kink with the news, I knew G would be utterly unglued at not getting to see his two favorite Disney characters.

How did he respond when I told him McQueen and Mater were in the car hospital getting refurbished and repainted to prepare for their new movie?

He didn't cry.  Didn't shout.  Didn't turn this mutha out.
He just asked, "Can I see Mike and Sully?"  (I bought Monsters Inc for him to watch on the car ride to Orlando.)
And I breathed a big sigh of relief since he could, in fact, meet them at Hollywood Studios that day.

Which is not to say that he wasn't disappointed.  He has said numerous times since that day, "I wanted to see McQueen," which just kinda breaks my heart and makes me kinda hate Disney execs who made such a dumb-ass decision.

A character-building experience about life's disappointments and how to make the best of them, I guess, or at least this is the story I've been telling myself since last Monday.

The funny thing is that G totally didn't look excited in any of the pictures we took of him with Pixar characters, like Mike, Sully, Buzz and Woody.  

He had bigger smiles on his face when we visited one of the Disney gift shops and he tried on pirate garb.

What really got him excited was meeting Cinderella and Belle and Tiana.  He even kissed Tiana on the cheek!  My little heartbreaker boy.

He loved the rides except for Splash Mountain.  That got a definite thumbs down from him.  But It's a Small World and People Mover and Buzz's Space Ranger Spin and Peter Pan's Flight made his eyes light up in wonder.

(I love, love, love this pic!)

He enjoyed our off days when we swam at the condo's pool and did great in his life-vest.....being able to swim around the pool completely on his own without hanging onto an adult for help or security.  And we visited the condos' really cool playground.

Another big highlight for him was visiting T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney.  Way back in 2010, this was how he reacted to dinosaurs that moved and made roaring/growling sounds.  And now in June 2011, his reaction was much, much different.

G did have his unpleasant moments, to be sure, like when he threw a couple HUGE fits in the car and was just his normal pest of a brother to his big sis the rest of the time.

But last night after reading through N's Disney scrapbook from her trip in 2007, I realized from my journaling that she wasn't Little Miss Perfect Disney Adventurer as D and I remember her.  I jotted down a couple of her fits that she threw at the time, which made me feel better that G wasn't acting like an ungrateful shithead but rather like a typical 3-year-old kid.

He got lost in World of Disney store in Downtown Disney, a store the size of a city block, which scared the shit out of me and Mamaw but did get him to, for once in his life, sit quietly in his stroller for a good long time.  

Still, all in all, I think he will spend oodles of time looking through the Disney scrapbook I will make him this summer, reliving all the fun times he had.  

  Enjoying Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground in his own, G-like way.  


Mrs. Haid said...

Can I just say how jealous I am of you that you have photos of yourself and your children together? I really don't. I am the one who takes the photos, and thus it looks as if their Dad is the champion of their universe and their mom never has fun with them. I really love that photo of your son looking so amazed by a ride and you looking so pleased at/by him.

Mrs. Haid said...

And it does look like a fun vacation. I hope I never have to go there because I'd much rather a beach or a mountain... but the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obsession has just started, so it might happen. Of course, I think DHH would be tickled pink just going to the Disney parking lot since he goes nuts when he sees ANYTHING Hot Diggity.