Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dang, has it been a week?

Um, hello.  It's summer break so I have all 3 kids underfoot.  And that means no breaks.  At all.  All day long.  And that means that by the time the kids' bedtime rolls around I am drooling and mumbling and in no shape to write even my initials.  

I have also been busy with my 20-year high school reunion which was last weekend.  It was great to see everyone, although it sucked being "in charge" because I totally didn't get to talk to gals like I wanted to.  I was so preoccupied with making sure things were rolling along that I didn't relax as much as I might have had I not been in a responsible kind of position.

It went well, though, and I think everyone had a nice time and was pleased with the meal.

This week has been doing more prep work for our Disney trip as well as dealing with laryngitis.  D lovingly shared his upper respiratory funk with me last weekend.  While I am glad it wasn't a full-blown honking/snorting cold, it has been frustrating not being able to yell at talk to the kids as loudly as I normally do.

N and G are slowly adjusting to being together 24/7, and by that I mean that N starts playing around with G, rough-housing in a fun-way, but then she gets tired and wants him to stop doing whatever it was she initially started doing to get him to play (like squirt water bottles at each other or chase each other with pillows), but he doesn't so then she gets whiney and wants to hang onto me to protect her from the 3-year-old squirt who LOVES it when someone acts scared of what he's doing rather than just smacking him upside the head and telling him to knock it the hell off.

And to think it has only been.....not yet a full week since school let out....
Dear g*d have mercy on my soul.

N has rediscovered her Barbies, and they have taken over my entire couch.  While I am aggravated by the lack of seating, I am also glad to see that she hasn't completely forgotten how to have fun with actual toys.

The other day she completed 14 pages in one of her math workbooks, and I've had her reading daily.  She has also been doing some work in a rhyming workbook.  This might mean she is already slightly bored.  She is my daughter, after all, so what can I expect?

G has been asking to work in his preschool workbooks, although he is very picky about the work he wants to do.  Counting and circling are his thing.  Coloring.....not so much.  We have got to work on some of those fine motor skills, though.

I read a book last night at bedtime that N was really into titled Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express by Margaret K. Wetterer.  We also read Farmer's Market by Paul Brett Johnson.  At the reunion, a friend who is a children's librarian told me he died recently, so I shared this with N before reading the book.  She started asking all sorts of questions about him, so we did a little pre-reading online research about him.

Which brings us to our other focus of the summer.....picture books written by Johnson and other Kentucky writers.

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Keri said...

I wonder what it would be like in our family if our first two kids were girl/boy instead of two girls. Probably a lot like what you're describing with N and G.

I keep forgetting to write my Facebook note about the library books we're enjoying, and I still haven't checked out the ones you mentioned last time. But thanks for these additional recommendations here! Oh, and be sure to see what you think of Rebecca Caudill (KY author) books for N. She has a couple of shorter ones, but her Happy Little Family chapter books are my favorites. They're slower-moving than contemporary chapter books for kids N's age, but you might try and see if she likes them.