Friday, June 24, 2011

He won't remember any of this Disney stuff (M's experience)

D says we'll go back to Disney when N is 17 or something ridiculous like that, but in my mind I think we'll do our last run in 3 years when M is almost 5.  By that time, G will be almost 7 and N will be we won't have to pack diapers and swim pants and strollers and all the other early childhood paraphernalia that we've had to take the first two visits.

Plus, he'll still be young enough that it will seem magical.

Perhaps the highlight of Hollywood Studios for M was this sprayer.  

M was a really good toddler at Disney.  He napped in his stroller at the parks and in his pack 'n' play in the condo the other days.  The only negative is that he ended up in bed with me and D every night because 1. pack 'n' plays just ain't that comfortable (not that I know this from personal experience but they just don't look terribly comfy) and 2. momma forgot to pack the sound machines for the trip.

Chances are even if we had the sound machines and a full-size crib, M would have woken up alot and wanted me.  Being in an overwhelming and new environment is a lot for a 20-month-old to take in.

Napping at Hollywood Studios.

Napping at Magic Kingdom.

He showed no fear at meeting any of the characters, although he did give Sully the evil eye until Sully started playing peek-a-boo with him.  And he was grinning like a school boy with a crush when he met the princesses.  He enjoyed the rides as well.  Unfortunately, he ended up being asleep every.single.time we rode It's a Small World, which we think he would have loved.

In line to meet Woody & Buzz.  

On People Mover.  

M checking Pluto out. 

I really like this pic of M and Pa walking down Main Street. 

He also loved the condo playground and pool, especially the water spray area.  By the end of the week, however, that had ceased to be entertaining.  He then set his sights on the shower (to spray off in before entering the pool.  Does anyone do that, by the way?) and threw massive fits if I didn't pull the string 10 trillion times to spray his head.

It is a shame all of this fun won't end up on his memory radar.
Good thing we took a grand total of 412 photos of the trip.  

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