Friday, April 1, 2011

Goings on around here--a pictorial

And a few words because I simply have a hard time not shutting up.  

He's eating yogurt now which is terribly exciting for momma because I was seriously wondering what would happen when cheddar cheese and raisins got old.  

I took the kids to a local nature preserve on one of those warmer days earlier in the month.  N pet the horse whom she named Pepper and then proceeded to cry big huge tears at the prospect of the land of the preserve being sold and Pepper forgetting N.  Girls and their drama!  Sheesh.

While N was busy bonding with Pepper, G enjoyed climbing the ginormous pile of gravel.  

And M just wandered around drooling.


The smile was totally worth keeping my OCD in check while he petted the goat.  

And this week I've been taking random pics of M, who is this close to 18 months.  Sniff, sniff.  

Still loves dem boobs.  

The other two monkeys are pretty cute too.

And today, I may have dressed G in his brother's jeans.  Size 24 months.  And didn't realize it until G was walking through school on our way to his speech therapy session.  


Giselle said...

Miles is brunette???

And they are all so cute. Norah just is all grown up. Getting all lanky and stuff. And Graeme is so 100% boy.

We are just going to have to organize a get together on one of my trips back to Cinci...your kiddos are getting all grown up!

Kelsey said...

If you get together with Giselle - may I come too? :-)

Did N just imagine that the land might be sold? You have to love (not!) the imagined drama - Harper is a good one for that as well.

Which reminds me... I need to email you - if it isn't too late, I DO think the girls would be great pen pals - are you still interested?

CARRIE said...

Kelsey--When I read Giselle's comment I wondered if you might be able to join us. Wouldn't that be cool???

And yes, N just imagined that the land would be sold. It is completely protected area. I don't think it can be sold.

Email me. We gotta hook these girls up!