Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 5 of Spring Break

I completely forgot Day 5 of Spring Break.  Not that we didn't do anything---it was a full day.  I guess getting back into the routine of school days affected my blogging focus.

Since G started speech therapy in February, we haven't been able to attend our weekly playgroups on Fridays, so I invited everyone over on Spring Break.  It was so good to see my mom friends....oh, and for the kids to see each other.  Of course, G spent the better portion of the time being a sh*thead, crying, throwing a tantrum.  But he finally got himself together and had a little fun with his buddies.

That afternoon, my parents were flying back home from Las Vegas, NV, so I took the opportunity to take the kids to the international airport.  We have visited the smaller airfield in our city, but never the big TSA insane-security airport.  I always worried that if I just took the kids in for no reason other than to check things out someone would think me suspicious.  (I know this is completely illogical since most terrorists do not bring their 3 kids along, but I also realize that in the post-9/11 world when a child is patted down by airport security, one cannot underestimate the zealousness of airport personnel.)

As we waited for my parents' plane to land, we watched a number of airplanes take off, and we believe we saw Nana and Pa's flight land.

All in all, it was a good week.  

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Kelsey said...

At our airport you really can't see the planes at all unless you go through security w/ a ticket. Boo.

How is speech therapy going? I don't feel like you've said much about it, but maybe I'm just not remembering.