Monday, April 25, 2011

Comme ci, comme ca

Life is currently middling.  Nothing horrible, nothing great.  I should hope that when I die I am either cast straight away into hell or given wings and fly immediately with the angels, because limbo sucks.  

We are waiting on estimates to have a roof built over our deck.  In 2007, we had a new door installed that leads from our kitchen to our deck; the old one had begun rotting from the bottom up.  The "new" door is doing the exact same thing and, by god, I don't want to buy another damn door that is gonna rot.  A roof will eliminate water falling on the door as well as allow us to use our deck in the hours between 1:00 p.m. and dust, when our sun gets full sun.   I am fully anticipating that a deck roof will cost a zillion dollars. 

Well, normally the deck gets full sun, except for lately when all it gets is full RAIN.  Mother-eff, I am sick to death of gray and clouds and precipitation.  This is worse than winter.  

All of this rain has made it impossible for us to install the playground equipment we bought in like late February/early March.  We have to wait for the ground to dry out.  So I'm thinking August.   

I am taking N in two weeks for an ENT consult about tonsillectomy.  I hate, hate, hate the idea of surgery, but dammit she is constantly dealing with strep.  And the regular old amoxycillin that works on everyone else doesn't work on her.  I even began a chart listing when she has had it and keep it at the front of my health insurance binder (where I keep all bills, EOBs, etc).  The dates are as follows:

3/26/10--strep, amoxycillin
4/2/10--completed amoxycillin and within 48 hours began strep symptoms all over again.  omnicef
5/14/10--strep, omnicef
9/15/10--strep, amoxycillin
9/27/10--completed amoxycillin and within 48 hours began strep symptoms all over again.  omnicef
12/15/10- strep, omnicef
3/26/11-- strep, omnicef
4/22/11-- strep, omnicef

If you don't count the 2 times she had to take omnicef immediately after taking amoxycillin, that makes 6 times in a year.  And I totally count those 2 times because obviously her tonsils must be a foul and funky place if regular ole antibiotics don't work.  The ENT might want to argue that they are just a continuation of the same infection, but I argue that they should at least count for half an infection.  Which makes 7 strep infections.  

School is coming to a close soon, which always makes me feel at loose ends.  Everything is wrapping up, so I don't know what to do with myself as I look at all those blank spaces in June and July and part of August.  

Vacation feels so.far.away.  

I think my friend DN on Facebook would categorize all this whining by me as "white people problems."


dnix said...

That DN guys sounds a little racist...

Kelsey said...

Oh the weather - I know! It has been the same up here.

I had my tonsils out the summer after 1st grade. I am certainly not a doctor but I do think that getting tonsils removed gets trickier as a person gets older - if you think it needs to be done, now is probably the time... but I'm sorry about it - I know that decision wouldn't be easily made.