Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nothing of much significance to post

But I'm gonna do it anyway.

This has been a terribly loooong winter due to all the snow days.  I love all of my children, but if the good lord wanted me to have all of them at home at the same time during the school year he would have made them triplets.  I desperately need a return to a "normal" week (as in 5 days of school for N), but I don't even get all that pissed off when school is called off anymore, which means I am defeated and hopeless.

Yesterday G was trying to put his sleeping bag in the bathtub, and M was either trying to help or supervising, but he tripped and banged his face into the tub surround, biting two big chunks out of his lip.  My policy is that if there is hole/rip/chunk that isn't supposed to be there with blood coming out of it, I head to the doctor.  Today, he just has a slightly puffy lip, but no worse for wear.

G has been wanting me to change his pull-up every time he urinates, and I am weary of this, so I sort of abruptly started potty-training him on Sunday, which would be great if he was cooperative in the least.  It really does have to be his idea, so this will be a very.slow.process.  Sometimes he throws a grand mal fit that he doesn't want to wear underpants.  And then there are times like last night when I couldn't get his ass off the pot.  Not that he ever actually did anything into it, but he was eager to just hang out.  And in my hazy memory of potty-training N, I think to myself stupid shit like, "I think she potty-trained in like 3 days."

M loves music, particularly the Wiggles and whines for me to turn on the cd player in the dining room.  He stomps his feet and walk/runs around the table, pulling up his shirt and doing his weird belly-scratching thing.  He has recently discovered that sticking his fingers to the back of his throat makes him throw up.  I keep finding food remnants and wondering where they came from.  Now I know.

N turns 7 in a month and can talk about nothing else.  Seven seems so it's almost a decade, man.  I cannot possibly have a child who is half-way through first grade.  It is true that once kids start full-time school, the years really start flying.

Gee, I think I almost solved my insomnia problem with this here blog entry.

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