Thursday, April 19, 2012

They were in the wrong store

I have heard that there is an actual website called, "People of Wal-Mart" or something along those lines featuring photos of the outlandish getups people wear into the store.  

My own children could have their own webpage titled, "Kids Whose Momma Isn't Gonna Argue About What They Wear To the Mall."  

N went to her BFF's birthday party at Club Tabby.  I had dropped her off, but D and the boys went with me to pick her up.  I took my camera along because I knew N would look foxy (or like a clown on acid).

The boys, however, decided that they, too, wanted to express their inner fashionista by insisting on wearing their bicycle helmets and rain boots not only en route to the mall, but through the mall.

N looked like this when we arrived.  

Oh lawdy!

And then she proceeded to do this to her brothers:


Kelsey said...

Love the boys' looks! I think I'm glad I don't know what Club Tabby is...

Keri said...

Oh, the kiss pictures! I love them! :-)