Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting my money's worth

I recently purchased a dual annual membership to our local zoo and science museum for about $150.  Three Thursdays in a row in March, the boys and I went to the zoo.  Had I bought tickets each visit these trips would have cost me $73.35.  This past week we visited the science center, which would have cost us $35 for a one-time visit.   So in six weeks time, more or less, we've almost paid for our membership.  I love, love, love knowing that I am getting my money's worth, which I think means I'm a boring ole grownup.

The boys just love having fun.

G on the rhino sculpture.

Having a blast on the carousel.

In a canoe.

Making a M-G-and-komodo dragon sandwich.

Chatting it up with "Naah" (Nana) on the phone at the science center.

Putting on a puppet show.

Heading down the slide.

The water play area is, by far, their favorite.  

My little detective and his assistant.  

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