Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fossil beds with my boys

Two weeks ago, N's class visited a local state park on a field trip, and I went with them.  Due to the weather, we were not able to get out on the fossil beds.

Today, G's playgroup visited the same state park, and the weather was absolutely perfect so we were able to see the beds up close.  I think I did damn well managing the boys on the rocks, logs and general river one ended up bruised or bloody, and I even got some photos.

I told G and his playgroup friends how this area was an ocean 400,000 years ago, and how we don't know if any dinosaurs were in this area since all evidence was eroded away by melting glaciers.  At that point, all 3 of the older boys (M was the tagalong) managed to find gigantic rocks that they informed me were dinosaur teeth and dinosaur eggs and dinosaur whatever.  As suspected, loads of well-researched evidence mean nothing to preschoolers.

It was the perfect place for little boys to get muddy, climb, throw rocks and hit things with sticks.

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Kelsey said...

What a cool place! Someday we'll get down your way for a visit and maybe you'll take us there?