Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why is it that? children often smell like butt, even when they've just been washed the day prior? soon as the worst sleeping child becomes a slightly better sleeping child, the best sleeper starts becoming a royal pain in the ass and waking us up multiple times a night?

.....when I can get my children to do a cute craft (an idea I stole from Midwest Mom) that we hang on the front windows they then delve fully into their creativity and produce weird napkin drawings that they also hang on the front window?


......I am sometimes completely unable to understand G but he is totally clear and intelligible when he sings after supper, "I need a cookie.  I, I need a cookie to looooooooove" a la Justin Bieber? takes my mom almost running out of my house to relish her freedom after watching the kids for me for most of today that I realize staying at home with kids, especially in winter, can truly make you bat-shit nuts?


Keri said...

I know this is probably a dumb question, but does Bieber really sing a song about loving a cookie, or has G cleverly replaced the original lyric with something near and dear to his heart?

CARRIE said...

The real lyrics are: "I need somebody...I, I need somebody to loooove."

Since then, G has also added, "I need a sucker....I, I need a sucker to looooove."

He apparently inherited the sweet-tooth from my side of the family.