Sunday, December 26, 2010

Picture(s) of the Day--December 26th.....A tradition

Every year I buy the kids an ornament so that when they fly the coop they will have a nice ornament collection for their own trees.  When N was little, I sometimes let her pick her own, but I have yet to let G do that because......well because I don't take him and M anywhere there might be something breakable.  I mean, I'm not that nuts.

This year I choose ornaments that show something they like or are into:

N is a complete shoe freak.  She has more shoes than D and I put together.  Seriously, she could almost give Imelda Marcos a run for her money.  

G is a car/truck freak.  If Imelda Marcos had been into cars/trucks, he could have given her a run for her money.

M isn't into anything per se, but when I saw this monkey, I knew it was perfect since M's sidewinder crawl was gorilla-like, and we dressed him as a monkey for Halloween this year.  

Last year I found these ornaments, which were perfect for our new family of 5:

N's ornament

G's ornament

M's ornament

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