Monday, November 5, 2012

(What will fill the silence?)

D and I will have a celebratory weekend away soon to celebrate 15 years of wedded togetherness, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous.

I mean.....what in the heck are we gonna talk about for over 48 hours without interruption?

We'll jaw about the kids a bit, wonder what they are doing, whether the grandparents have left them at an orphanage.  Depending on the election results and how long that takes to settle out, we may have that to discuss.  Christmas plans and shopping?  Vacation ideas for 2013?

When I think back to all the trips we took in our life before children, I don't know what we discussed.  Maybe we didn't talk much at all.  Who can remember given the past 9 years of torturous sleep-deprivation?

I don't like talking about the future much.  I think I'm too practical, hence my inability to write anything requiring an ounce of imagination.  I can't foresee what I'll be fixing for supper tonight, so dreaming about what we might do one day when the kids are gone is a bit of a challenge.

Despite my anxiety about conversation, it will be fun to visit someplace with some historic features in a natural setting that isn't a beach or a Disney theme park.  It will be fun to have a grown-up meal, to not be woken up multiple times a night for two nights in a row.

Maybe I should be concerned that I'll never come back. 


Giselle said...

If you are like Jeff and I, you'll spend a lot of time remembering those pre-kid trips. Have a great time!

Bethany Haid said...

Oh, yes this is tough. We did it last week, two and a half days without kids to interrupt or parent. It was so fun not saying no, you can't put that in your mouth, and not wiping noses. I hope you enjoy your time!!