Thursday, November 15, 2012

I guess I'm that weird extended nursing mom

Almost 20 years ago, a guy I was dating and I went to New York to visit his sister.  I distinctly recall attending an event where he and I witnessed a young male child, probably age 3, walk up to his mother, ask her to nurse and then proceed to nurse.  

Oh, how I cringed and grimaced and thought that was about the weirdest thing I'd ever seen.  

Karma laughs at me.....

Actually she guffaws when M, who turned 3 in October, walks up to me and says, "Mommy...ursey milk on the couch."  

Or when he is nursing and stops to inform me, "I yike chocolate ice cream and I yike chocolate cookies."  

It is weird.  
But a little bit sweet too.  
And I tell myself that surely, SURELY he will be done soon.  

My general parenting m.o. has been, "They will give things up when they are ready, and it's better when it is on their terms rather than mine."  It worked....eventually with N and the pacifier.  It will work with G who, like his sister, hides it when friends come over and talks about when he is going to give it up.  It worked with both of them when it came to potty-training.  Eventually M will decide he is done with ursey.  

And, lawd, will I have plenty of fodder for embarrassing my boy at his wedding toast.  

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