Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's only November, and I'm ready to say good-bye to 2012

If our family can make it to Dec 31, 2012 without someone having surgery, it will be the first time since 2006 that no one in our house has required surgery.

You'd think we'd have oodles of extra cash sitting around, but that has not been the case in 2012.

I think I might call 2012 "The Year of the Money Hemorrhage."  It has been a nonstop bleed of funds.

Early in the year I had to get 3 new tires for the minivan, even though the tires on the van were only 2-3 years old.

We had some painting done....which didn't have to be done but 3 kids in a house does not make for paint that weathers time well.  There are some expenses I just chalk up to 1.) basic maintenance/improvement on a house to keep it from looking too terribly dated and 2.) me having OCD.

Then we bought new appliances since the microwave and dishwasher hadn't been working well for years.  The fridge was 15 years old, and we didn't figure it would last too much longer.  Screws were falling out of it.  Appliances ain't cheap.  That was a major, major bleed.

The sliding door on the minivan broke a coil, which meant if we were on the slightest of inclines the door would start to close on us.  As much as I hated to spend more money on the van, I knew the expense was significantly less than an emergency room visit.

Now D's car is having much-needed work the tune of around $1000, and that's not even all the work they recommend he get done.  D's car is 12 years old and has like, 56,000 miles on it.  He drives it 4.58 miles to work and 4.58 miles back every day, and that is basically it.  With such low mileage, we're gonna drive that sucker into the ground, but I know we have to do something to it occasionally to keep it from dying prematurely.

As always, I am glad we have (and had) money saved to pay for all of these things.  But it sometimes makes me feel like I am chasing my tail.  Transferring money into an account only to transfer it back out in 3 weeks' time.

Savings accounts are where money is supposed to go to die.  At least according to me (and my parents who raised me in their image).

So, my goal for 2013 is to really, really kick it into high-gear on saving.  If we do anything to the house, it will be to paint our bedroom, and that I can do myself (or with D's help if he is so inclined).

And probably I'll need money saved to pay for a surgery.  

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