Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, and please improve your critical reading skills

Because I'm still feeling mean and nasty, let me also ask that anyone who wants to start stuff about what I write on my blog might be advised to read carefully.

"Not everyone enjoys nursing their children through kindergarten, as you seem to do."

Unless an education reform bill passed of which I am not aware, 28 months old is not the new age level for kindergarten enrollment.  

"Nursing is a very personal choice and does not work for everyone."

While I think nursing is the normal (and best) way to feed, nowhere in this post did I suggest that everyone nurse or engage in extended nursing.  

"To teach your kids to "expect their spouses or themselves" to nurse such as you do is ridiculous. I hope your children are independent enough to make their own decisions about this, not a decision based on what you did or expect from them." 

Lots of people raise their children in a religious persuasion and expect (or hope) that their children follow suit when they grow up.  Lots of people expect their children to go to college.  Lots of people expect their children to marry and have children of their own.  If my children make different choices (as I made different choices from what my parents expected/hoped), I will deal.  But like any parent, I have hopes, expectations and desires.  

"And you wonder why your kids are very slow to potty train and you giggle that it leaves your husband a difficult time when you go out of the house."

My oldest two, neither of whom pooped on the pot until they were 4.5 years old, weaned at 12 months and 14 months, respectively.  Hardly extended nursing in their cases.

And nowhere in my post did I giggle, act amused or in any way suggest I was happy that my husband becomes frustrated when he puts M to bed without nursing.  

Ok, critical reading lesson complete.  


Bethany Haid said...

OH good lord. I had to click through the rest of the comments.

Why didn't you comment on the Duggar clone thing?

I actually think those Duggars seem to be great people with kids who seem to be happy citizens of the world. I don't think that she nurses longer than a year or so, what with being pregnant.

I haven't had a negative comment on my blog for so long, not since I mentioned something about Obama and abortion or something 4 years ago. maybe I should try to be a pot stirrer. Suggestions on this??

CARRIE said...

Lately the things I've written about that have led to critical comments are things that I wouldn't have dreamed people would be mean about. They were just my life events/experiences.

I think the Duggars seem nice too. I've never watched their show, but I was really bothered when people were cruel and made nasty comments about the photos Michelle had taken of her stillborn baby. Another batch of people who don't know that if you can't say something nice you need to keep the pie hole shut.

Anyway, I didn't mention that comment because I just missed it. But I would have written something on the order of this:

"Math has never been my strong suit, but I don't think 3 children, long-time birth control pill use and a husband with a vasectomy qualifies me as a Duggar clone."

Keri said...

Okay, I'm caught up now on all of this.

What an absurd comment made by "Anonymous!" You're right - in addition to it being just plain rude and cowardly, he/she is not a careful reader.

I especially love your comment here about how *un*like Mrs. Duggar you are. I mean, really! How in the world did Anonymous even begin to think of comparing the two of you?? Incidentally, I think the Duggars are very nice people, too, not based on their show (which I've never watched more than 15 minutes of), but based on reading their latest book which I picked up at the church library. They're more conservative than I am (which is saying a lot ;-) ), but they struck me as incredibly humble and kind people.