Friday, February 17, 2012

I should not get this excited

In addition to my great excitement whenever N or G bring home a Scholastic book order, I also become very animated whenever "I Love to Read Week" rolls around at N's school.

The piece de resistance is the Character Parade, whereby students dress up as a favorite character from a book and march around the school.

This year N decided that she wanted to be Frannie K. Stein.  We purchased purplish hair spray, got some cheap duds at Goodwill, and I discovered I do own eyeliner (which I remembered was used to make N's Character Parade chipmunk whiskers when she was in kindergarten).

Miss N as Frannie K. Stein (2012)

N as Junie B. Jones (2011)

N as a chipmunk (2010)


thetam said...

She takes the cutest pictures ever. Love the poses

Swistle said...

The twins LOVE Frannie K. Stein! How does N feel about Ivy and Bean?

Keri said...

(Starting here for a much-needed catch-up session, and working backwards in time... :-) )

I love the costumes - so creative! I'm not familiar with the characters, except for Junie, but N looks adorable in all 3 pictures.