Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Before they drive....

Although I do not think about the kids getting older, I did have a moment of inspiration awhile back.  It occurred to me that before any of the kids will be allowed to get their driver's licenses they will have to do the following:

1. Be able to do their own laundry for 3 weeks.
2. Be able to prepare 5 meals (not microwavable frozen meals).

With all the car nonsense with which we've been dealing, I also thought that another requirement should be that....

3. They must take a basic automotive care class to be able to change things on the car without always resorting to having a mechanic look at it and take care of it (such as changing wiper blades, changing air filter and whatever else fits into this category of automotive care.)  Mom WILL be taking this class with all 3 children, since it will probably take me 3 go-rounds to understand anything about the innards of a vehicle.

And this part goes without saying because I am cheap and had to do this when I had a car at 17---

4. They have to be able to pay for their gas and annual insurance with money they make during the summer.  

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Kelsey said...

I like these guidelines Carrie - though before I'd adopt them myself I think I'd have to see how desperate I was to have the oldest child able to drive...I might be willing to cave on some of those rules to give up some of my driving duties. Yes, I'm lazy.