Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The type of teacher I am

Being back in a classroom after nearly a decade is much like riding the proverbial bike.  It just came back to me.  The rhythm, the movement, the tone, the type of teacher I am came back, and it feels if I haven't been doing completely unrelated other things.

I think it is interesting how many people who don't teach professionally (or never have) give me all kinds of kudos for having such great lessons, but I can't really take credit for it.  My talent isn't in the creation.  I don't have the grand ideas, but I am an excellent thief.

My talent is in the organizing of other people's great ideas and the performance.  The building up of my joy at reading literature and sharing the depth of thought with them, helping them plumb the depths of their own understanding.  Acknowledging "I don't know" instead of trying to act as if I do.  Being able to work a connection between the origination of the word "twerking" into our discussion of the Absolute Morphodite in To Kill a Mockingbird.

It feels good to hear "This is the best English class I've ever had."

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