Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Super six

Dear G,

Tomorrow you turn 6-years-old.

Since before you were born, you have been doing things your own way, keeping me in a perpetual state of off-kilter that is mostly exhiliarating and sometimes exhausting.

You think deeply, surprising me and your dad with the depth of your questioning and desire to know. You are also tremendously funny, but perhaps not in a way that other kids your age appreciate like older people do.  While you can definitely be silly funny like other kids, because you are such a deep little thinker, your humor tends to be pretty cerebral.  (And since your daddy and I are also pretty cerebral you really crack us up!)

In some ways, you are very mature in your awareness of who you are and what you like. I don't know very many almost 6-year-old kids who do not want to be surprised on their birthdays but would rather be told what they are getting, and in being told do not throw fits demanding their presents before their parties.  You helped your Mamaw wrap your own birthday presents, and even a Christmas present, totally ok in delaying the opening for another 3 months.

You have adjusted to kindergarten like a champ, even when you had to switch teachers due to enrollment issues, being so sweet and charming that both teachers just love you to pieces.  I am proud that you are trying to be more independent by writing words and asking to learn to tie your shoes.

Even when you and I butt heads, and we often do, I am always so glad that you are my son.  As I've told you many times, the middle is what makes the Oreo so good, it is the expanse that connects the two sides of the river, it is the nutritionally filling part of every sandwich.

Your strong personality is what gives our family flavor, interest, chaos and delight.

I hope your 6th year is awesome and amazing!

I love you bub,


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