Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And now she wants to be a......


I am so totally underwhelmed by this idea.

I don't have anything against cheerleading per se.  My lack of excitement at this newest interest is due to its complete insistence on us turning over our entire lives to it, as is the case in all things remotely sports-related.

(It has become clear to me that there is virtually nothing I am willing to turn my life over to in any consistent way, be it sports, church, exercise.  I am good with that whole "moderation in all things" credo.)

Two days of practice until 6 pm.  And games.  I have agreed to go to the meeting at school this evening to gather more information, but I have already told her it is highly unlikely she will be able to do it.

Because she has piano lessons on Monday evenings.
Because she does Girl Scouts every other Wednesday.
Because if she does M (piano) and W (Girl Scouts) and then T/Th cheerleading practice, she will have ZERO time to just chill and play Barbies or whatever.
Because 4 days of busyness during the week doesn't include the games.
Because the uniform costs $125 (plus another $60 for a warm-up).
Because with her height and solidness she will be at the bottom of the pyramid and not the top (I cleared that up when she was talking about this in the car).
Because when she is tired she is a complete lunatic bear of a kid.
Because she isn't a particularly coordinated / rhythmic child.
Because even if she wants to turn her life over to cheerleading and being active I, as the designated concierge and chauffeur of her life, do not.

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