Monday, July 25, 2011

What my frugal freak self thinks of the debt-ceiling thang

The only debt D and I have is our home.  We pay off our credit card statements every month.  If we don't have cash in the bank to get something, we don't get it.  So I completely agree that our government must cut spending.

It is fiscally irresponsible to do otherwise.

However, D and I just by sheer luck were born into families who valued education, who helped us with our homework, who provided stable lives for us, and who helped us and supported us as we got our master's degrees.  There are many, many people in the US who weren't that lucky (or who made some unwise choices that forever changed the course of their lives).  So there has to be a safety net for people.

It is socially irresponsible to do otherwise.
(And, yes, I am including the stupid people--the ones who do the dumbest things like allow their homes to fall apart from the inside out, who bastardize the English language, who have 10 babies by 10 different guys, who wear their pants sagging to the ground and who generally fuck up the gene pool.)

If an individual's finances were screwed, he would be told by a financial adviser to 1. cut his/her spending to the necessities and 2. do whatever it took to increase his/her income, be it by getting a moonlighting position, selling stuff on Ebay, going back to work full-time rather than staying home with the kids or only working part-time.

And as far as I'm concerned, since our government is apparently in dire financial straits, we need to take the same course of action.

My biggest problem when I was an economics major in undergrad is that it is tremendously hard to reconcile a firm belief in fiscal responsibility with a firm belief in taking care of those less fortunate.  It can be done but it takes moderate folks to do so.


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