Friday, July 22, 2011

I think this qualifies me as heartless (at least in some circles)

I spoke with the vet this morning (not the vet with whom I normally interact).

Despite having been told yesterday by the office staff that Gonzo's blood work was fine, he apparently had an elevated glucose level.  The vet said this may be due to stress (and what animal isn't stressed going to the vet, particularly when the vet was called away during the blood draw and the cat had to sit back there far longer than he otherwise would have).  Or he could have diabetes.

She said to bring him back in two weeks to do another glucose test.  When I asked her what would happen if he does have diabetes, she said I would have to give him insulin shots twice daily.

It was at this point I called D at work and told him that I was not going to give Gonzo diabetes shots.  If the kids had diabetes, I would certainly do whatever I had to do to keep them healthy.  Because they are my flesh & blood.  Because they may live to be, perhaps 75 or 80 years old, and maybe make a wonderful contribution to life on this planet.

Gonzo is almost 80 years old in cat years, and no matter how long he lives he will stay in the basement, sleeping and watching birds at the feeder.  My cat will not find a cure for cancer or heal sick children or keep polar bears from becoming extinct.

That does not mean his life is worthless; it just means that I have to put most of my care and concern (physical, financial and otherwise) into the human lives that have been entrusted to me.

Keep him and Shanks fed, safe, and out of pain.  That is what I'm willing to do.  I try to remind myself that there are many, many humans in this world who would be thrilled with half as much.  

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