Saturday, July 16, 2016

Off-the-grid: Michigan Trip, Post #3

July 7 was an overcast day.  My brother's family did the lazy Platte River excursion, but my gang went to see Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Northport, MI.  

It was a lovely drive up M-22 to Northport, which is a cute little town.  After visiting the lighthouse and lunch, we walked to the marina and around the town a bit.  (If I ever have the chance to go back, I definitely want to stop at Suttons Bay, a slightly larger village in MI.)

On July 8, the girls went shopping along Front Street in Traverse City, MI and then down to the bay for a toe-dip.

On July 9, my brother's family headed home, while the rest of us drove 2 hours north to the Upper Peninsula.  (Another place I'd visit if I ever got the chance is Charlevoix, MI.  Looked amazing!)  

We stopped at Mackinaw City and picnicked near the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse.  By this point in the trip, G was running a fever (apparently, shared by his sister.)  Fortunately for him (and us), a dose of ibuprofen restored his energy and allowed him to have some fun.  

We stayed in St. Ignace, in a quaint home right on Lake Michigan.  From where I took this picture of the house, I am standing on the beach.  Less than a minute's walk from deck to lake.  

This was the view of the lake from where I stood to take a picture of the house.

One of the neatest things about this house was Betty, the neighborhood dog, who roamed around and would greet us whenever we went outside.  She took walks on the beach with us.  

On July 10 we went into St. Ignace to see the boardwalk and the lighthouse.

G was still feeling OTC to the rescue again.

Later we went to a beach near the house for some fun.  The water was still.

On July 11, we drove an hour north for a day-trip to see Tahquamenon Falls near Paradise, MI.  We started at the Lower Falls and then made our way to the Upper.

G was feeling better by then, which left us with M, who started complaining of feeling cold (and subsequently running a fever).  By the time we drove to Whitefish Point to see the lighthouse and stick our toes in Lake Superior, M opted to sit in the car.  He was done.  Actually, we were all pretty done from such a busy day.  

We had intended to drive up to Sault Ste. Marie to see the Soo Locks, but with M feeling puny and G moaning nonstop that all he wanted to do was swim, we decided to hang loose our last two days and just go to the beach.  It was a smart decision.  

(Given all the sickness on the trip, I figured what is a little swim in ice-cold water to ensure pneumonia?)

Evenings were spent walking along our little stretch of beach near the house.

See our friend Betty?

And that, in 3 long posts, was our 2016 Michigan vacation.  

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