Thursday, September 19, 2013

What works for me [and why cheerleading doesn't]

Regardless what books or society or doctors or parent friends say, if I've learned anything as a mom (and continue to have to remind myself of as a mom) it is that I have to do what feels right to me.  

Cheerleading did not feel right to me.  

As much as I hate the idea of not letting N do something she said she wants to do, I know what she and I can handle.
And it is not 2 practices a week plus games every Friday plus competitions on various Saturdays plus 3 fundraisers plus up to $225 for uniforms/shoes/etc.

Too much.

It makes me feel immensely better about letting my kids vegetate on the weekends, watch tv when they want, go outside when they want, not have to keep to any kind of schedule.
They will do enough of that when they are adults.  

Sometimes I feel like I am so old-fashioned.  Because I stay home.  Because I don't have a smart phone and am therefore not connectable at all times.  Because I want 2-3 evenings each week to be completely free for us to take a family walk or shoot basketball or throw a frisbee.  

But these are things that feel right to me so I will continue to remind myself of this when it seems like I'm the oddball. 

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Giselle said...

I say, enjoy it while you can! Once all 3 kids are in an activity, those evenings go away. Unless you plan on only letting one child do activities at a time :) Each of my kids is doing soccer...that's it. And it is adding up to 3 evenings a week and the entire day on Saturday. Booooo. This is what needs to be addressed when deciding how many children to have. After school homework/activities/papers to keep track of. :P Or perhaps I'm just feeling overwhelmed and venting in your comments since I don't have a blog of my own to do it in anymore...