Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer break, 2013--Days 1-4

I grouse about it being summer break, but I admit I am very glad to be done with a schedule for a bit.  The evenings are ours which is wonderful except on a day when it rains, and we can't get outside.  The only downside of not having a schedule is that mine and N's piano practice, which we routinely did after dinner, is forgotten in our rush to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.

It is funny to me how making one tiny little change can result in so much interest.  We have a little water/sand table on our patio that we now use only as a water table since we made the space under the wooden playground structure a large sandbox.  I added Spiderman bubble bath to the water table to try and up the fun, and the kids have been absolutely engrossed.

On Friday when M napped, N and G and I had craft time.  N made a flower fairy (using flower petals and leaves to make clothing for a stick figure fairy).

G and I used stencils and glass frosting paint to decorate glass jars which will eventually become decor for the patio/deck (with a little help from some beads and 24-gauge wire).  I found a $1 kid craft idea book at Target that we are using for inspiration.

This week will be busy with eye doctor visits on Monday, vacation bible school every evening, ENT and audiologist visits on Friday and gym visits/sanity savers for me on Tues and Thurs.  If it ever hits 85 degrees and is also very sunny, we might go bonkers and get to the pool too.

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