Saturday, June 15, 2013

N's summer job (A mother pushes child labor)

N's "Neighborly Pet-Care" business has kept her busy this week.  She has been pet-sitting 2 dogs and a cat for a neighbor, as well as watering plants for another neighbor.

Because I am the "facilitator" of N's pet-care business, I too have been busy.

There have been at least a few times when I've thought that her "job" is really just one more thing for me to have to remember and how that really sucks for me (especially in a week that we've had an eye doctor visit, an unexpected orthodontic visit, an audiologist visit, an ENT visit and an open house for my teaching job for the fall).

But I remind myself that her "job" is helping her learn responsibility and giving her a chance to make and manage money without me having to fork over money.  There is value in me "modeling" responsibility in the form of saying, "Remember we have to check on the dogs" and helping her at the house by holding the bag as she cleans the litter box.

She makes a bundle (for a 9-year-old).  Even though her "fee" for this week's pet sitting is $29, the neighbors left her $40.

It works out well for everyone---very inexpensive pet- and home-care (since we collect mail and take in/out garbage/recycling) and a very happy girl who cannot put down the American Girl catalog as she plans how she wants to spend her income.  

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