Friday, January 18, 2013

Not sure if I love the paint, but I don't want strep again

Last week I made the mistake of faux-finishing the master bathroom, which sounds great except that the next day I woke up sick and was later diagnosed with strep throat.  I vaguely remember 2 years ago when in January I painted my laundry room and days later ended up with strep throat.

When it comes to correlation, I'm certainly no expert, and my logical mind tells me that one has nothing to do with the other, but I think I'm going to save painting the kids' bathroom until sometime in May.  Just to be safe.

So the bath painting.....
Prior to painting it brown, I had fauxed it myself with gold and burgundy.  Those colors had been on the walls for at least 8 years so in addition to showing wear, I was ready for a change.
(I am eager to repaint our master bedroom, which is gold, but that paint actually looks better than any other paint in the house so I'm biding my time.)
I liked the brown color, but it chipped often in places and showed many of the wall's imperfections.  So I thought I would faux it.

As always, I'm late to the party, but I still like the look of blue and brown (which was probably popular among those in the know like 3-4 years ago, but whatev).  Always eager to use what I have (and avoid spending more money), I used the blues from last year's dining room painting adventure.

So this master bathroom painting cost me about $16 for the glaze.

These are the walls BEFORE I fauxed.

This is after putting on the 2 different shades of blue.  It was overpowering, and I didn't like it.  

So I mixed some of the brown, some of the glaze and a little water and color-washed the walls.
In person, the swirls don't show up as obviously as they do in the photo.  It looks more marbled in real life.

I'm tempted to go over one more time with the brown/glaze/water mixture but, again, I don't want a strep reoccurrence.

So it's gonna stay like this for awhile.

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