Friday, January 4, 2013


My goals for 2013 are to paint the kids' bathroom and do a little makeover.  I want (my husband) to install new hooks with the kids' initials over them that they can actually reach and perhaps begin the fine art of hanging up their own towels.  I'd like to get a new shower curtain if I can find one that doesn't cost a zillion dollars (why are shower curtains so expensive, anyway)?

I also want to add a little blue faux painting to our bathroom.  I have not been pleased at all with the  Sherwin Williams HGTV-Home paint I used in there.  It flakes like crazy and is not nearly as good as their SuperPaint (but I couldn't get the color I wanted in SuperPaint).

Other goals are to take the kids to church once a month (that's right, I have started taking the kids to church, but that is a whole other blog well as one that I'm getting paid to write so I will wait until after publication before I write anything on here).  I want to walk on the treadmill 3 days a week since I was able to manage 1 day a week last year.

Like our finances whereby I do the bank account version of the "envelope system,"  I like to compartmentalize things so that I have personal goals, mom goals and house goals.

It's a wonder I found anyone willing to marry me and all my goal-setting/organizational nerdiness.

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