Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pre-Spring Break (aka, How Will I Ever Survive Summer?)

Tomorrow officially begins N and G's Spring Break.  My enthusiasm is underwhelming.

The good news is that it is only 5 days, and surely....surely....I can survive 5 days with my children.  The other good news is that it gives me a window into what I will need to do when we are attempting to survive summer break.

I had a brilliant brainstorm while reading with N before bed:  a shared summer reading journal.  When D reads to her this summer, she can write me a note about what she read, and when she and I read together, I can write my reflections on what we read and she can respond to my thoughts.

There isn't much I've planned for the week.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings I exercise at a friend's house in the morning, and Wednesday I have a small day trip planned to a nearby city's children's museum.  I strong-armed my parents into keeping N and G Thursday night for a sleepover (actually I just asked, and they agreed.  If it were me being asked, I would so have to be strong-armed.)

N has 2 birthday parties to attend, so we'll be wrapping gifts, and she'll be making cards.  And we've got to create a gift to the earth made of recyclable materials (for her school's Earth Day celebration).

And I might get all crazy and attempt to clean something.
But I doubt it.

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